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Sistemi di Nebulizzazione acqua da esterno Nebulizzatori rinfrescanti.

Perfect Cool s.r.l. designs, manufactures and markets indoor and outdoor fog systems.Our systems are perfect for cooling, scenographic effects and humidification.

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An exclusive mixture of elegant pieces of furniture that springs from the union between the unique italian design and the most advanced cooling technologies enclosed in a collection designed for outdoor areas.
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Nebulizzazione dell'acqua: How it works

We use nebulized water to reduce temperature. With a pump system, we pressurize water to 60-100 bar, and then spray it through special nozzles to nebulize it into droplets of only 10 microns (less than the thickness of a hair). The nebulized water evaporates instantaneously, reducing the ambient temperature, in a process known as thermal dynamics. Water needs energy to evaporate 600 calories to evaporate just one gram of water and this exchange of energy causes the temperature to fall.

Sistemi di Nebulizzazione: Where to use it  

We can use 撤erfect Cool systems in a wide variety of situations, and in particular where the use of conventional air conditioners would not give adequate results or would be too expensive: verandas, theme parks, warehouses, wine cellars, hotels, restaurants, discotheques, beach centres, sport facilities, pedestrian precincts, events, workshops, showrooms, factories with hot environments, gymnasiums 撤erfect Cool systems can be installed either outdoors or indoors. Our technical office can work together with you to cerate any kind of project.

Performance dei nebulizzatori

The efficiency of the system depends on ambient temperature levels and existing humidity.We achieve the best results with high temperatures and low levels of relative humidity. The ideal conditions are with temperatures between 26 and 45ーC and relative humidity between 40 and 80%. Our systems can also be used in very damp spaces, because when the temperature reaches its daytime peak, relative humidity is normally at its lowest point.

Why choose Perfect Cool? 

Perfect Cool s.r.l. designs and manufactures its fog systems in Italy, using carefully selected components. Our technical office, with its great acquired experience, can design personalized systems to satisfy any special needs in the fogging sector.
- Nebulizzatori progettati e realizzati in Italia
- Diminuisce sensibilmente la temperatura ambientale
- Rende più confortevoli gli ambienti esterni ed interni
- Allontana polveri, pollini ed zanzare
- Versatile e flessibile
- Semplice da montare
- A basso consumo energetico
- Alta efficienza



Anywhere that excessively dry air is a problem, our systems can guarantee perfect control over relative humidity. By using programmable hygrostats, we can maintain the desired levels of humidity.

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